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HSBCnet Internet trade services

HSBCnet Mobile App with Trade Transaction Tracker – the quickest and easiest way to access your trade transactions…anytime, anywhere.

Manage global trade transactions online in real time, anywhere, anytime Global Trade Solutions delivered through HSBCnet ITS enable you to initiate and manage trade transactions for your global offices with access to real time trade account information from anywhere, at any time.

At HSBC, we provide innovative tools to make your life simpler, 24/7.

The HSBCnet Mobile app now includes the new Trade Transaction Tracker. The HSBCnetTrade Transaction Tracker gives you a global view of your documentary credits, collections, trade loans and guarantees across the world in a single app.

Available for Apple iPhone and Android devices, with the Trade Transaction Tracker you can:

  • Get an overview of your Trade and Guarantee transactions
  • View real-time status of export and import documentary credits, collection, trade loans and guarantee transactions
  • Search for transactions
  • Real-time courier tracking of export documents
  • Shipment tracking using Bill of Lading number. Please click here to see the latest list of Transport companies that you can track.
  • Visibility across markets and countries, allowing for better supply chain management
  • Save time on the phone, faxes or email with access to your detailed trade account information

When you need to check the status of your transactions, the HSBCnet Mobile App with Trade Transaction Tracker gives you a quick overview.

What you will need:

  • An Apple iPhone or Android device
  • The latest version of the HSBCnet Mobile app downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • HSBC Trade Account Number
  • An email address where you receive instant@dvices
  • Recent transaction reference number linked to the above account

If you are registered for instant@dvice, you can access the HSBC Trade Transaction Tracker. HSBCnet registration is not required.

If you are not yet a HSBC Instant@dvice customer, please contact your local HSBC Relationship Manager.

Easy 3 step set-up:

Step 1:

Open the app

Step 2:

Enter in your HSBC Trade Account number, Instant@dvice email address and bill or DC or guarantee reference number

Step 3:

Enter in the confirmation code provided to your email address

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