Together we are stronger

Individuals and Businesses large and small are feeling the impact of COVID-19. Worlds have become smaller, physical connections have been removed, supply chain disrupted and daily routines flipped on their heads. Amidst all of this uncertainty though, we are seeing so much hope, innovation and purpose as the world comes together to builds back better.

Here are our inspirational customer stories which celebrating agility, resilience, and support for others through these challenging times.

Together with Muscat Livestock

With the right banking support, Muscat Livestock was able to adapt and expand in COVID-19 world.


Together with Safe Care

With the right banking support, Safe Care Medical Industries kept personal protective equipment supplies in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Together with Rabeta International

With the right banking support, Rabeta International was able to adapt and maintain supplies during COVID-19.


Together with PDS Multinational

The 6Cs risk management framework and seamless, flexible banking helped the leading apparel group navigate the coronavirus pandemic.


Together with Khimji Ramdas

Diversification and a strong partnership with HSBC, mitigated the impact of COVID-19 on Khimji Ramdas.


Together with Trella

Trella worked with HSBC to navigate supply chain disruption and improve efficiencies during COVID-19.


Together with DeFacto

With the right financing and online banking tools, DeFacto navigated the COVID-19 pandemic


Together with SASA

With the right trade finance support and investment financing, SASA successfully navigated through COVID-19 uncertainty.


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