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At HSBC we offer a number of solutions designed to manage your business expenses at all levels from Corporate cards for travel and entertainment to Purchasing cards for vendor, statutory and utility payments.


Product overview

MiVision is HSBC’s Commercial Card Management Application that provides clients with the capability to view and manage their card programs with very limited physical interaction with the bank.

Product features

  • Card Issuance on-line
  • Download statements
  • Create and download customized reports
  • Report Card lost or stolen
  • Card replacement
  • Temporary block
  • Card Unblock

Product benefits

Single View Dashboard

View customer card programs, cards with allocated limits, outstanding and available balance (real time balance)

Digital card application

Customer initiated application process, removal of additional number of signatures and paper

Self service

Amend card limits within the program, close/block cards, report card lost and stolen, request for replacement cards

Visibility of all transactions

Detailed information of purchase transactions from value, date, merchant, origin of transaction, as well as level 3 data like VAT and invoice number

View and generate reports

Generate and create custom reports to track company and cardholder spends either by country/region, cost center/department, supplier


Virtual cards


Virtual cards reduce or eliminate the need for cheques and purchase orders, helping you to manage and reduce the cost of employee general purchases. Not only does this solution deliver enhanced security around card payments, it also gives you access to improved data to ease the reconciliation process of each expense.

Product features

  • Strong security features - pre-transaction approval steps for each user profile
  • Transaction-level authorisation controls enable the buyer to define how, when and where virtual cards are used
  • Broader controls include supplier category restrictions and dynamic limit and currency selection
  • Automated and simplified reconciliation through generating unique virtual card numbers that can be matched to non-financial data such as invoice number, PO number, department code and employee ID
  • Access to reconciled data on our reporting platform or into your preferred back-office system

Product benefits

Maker – checker concept

Control and security

Optimised cash flow

Reconciliation and reporting


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