Candidate Privacy Notice

  • HSBC may collect and use my personal information, including the personal information provided on my resume, employment application or any subsequent employment documentation completed (hereinafter referred to as the "Application") as follows:
    • to evaluate my qualifications for employment and to verify the accuracy of the information I have provided on my Application;
    • to plan and manage the workload and business activities of HSBC, including but not limited to payroll administration, general personnel recordkeeping, staffing and employment, licensing and other regulatory activities, audit, security and access control, vetting checks, benefits administration, employee information systems, succession and contingency planning, pension administration, and the like;
    • for the purpose of ensuring the security and integrity of its financial services, as well as the security and integrity of personal information relating to HSBC customers; and
    • to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • By submitting my Application, I acknowledge and agree that HSBC may collect my personal information from, and disclose my personal information to, its subsidiaries and affiliates and other third parties in Kuwait and other countries, as HSBC in its sole discretion deems necessary, for the purposes described in paragraph 1. HSBC may also engage the services of third parties in Kuwait and in other countries as agents to carry out the activities described in paragraph 1.
  • I may withdraw my consent to the collection, use or disclosure of my personal information at any time. However, I understand that if I withdraw consent, HSBC may be unable to consider me for hire and/or continued employment.

I verify that the information provided by me on the Application is truthful, accurate and complete and acknowledge that HSBC is relying upon it in assessing my Application. Further, I understand that if I am offered employment with HSBC, my continued employment will be conditional upon the truthfulness of the information provided to HSBC on my Application.

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